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    We would like to take a second to discuss COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 as it's scientifically known. We have been very fortunate that our business does not require a large staff. In fact it is just one person who does most of the work at the moment. That person being me, the founder of Conscious Energies, Diadon. 

    I take this virus very seriously, especially considering the economic impact it has caused on so many small businesses. Things may seem uncertain and on the verge of apocalyptic at times. I would like to think that these challenges showcase our flaws as a species. How we have engineered a great portion of our society seems to have a lot of negative impact on communities. 

    While the Corona Virus 2019 has not effected my friends and family directly, I consider all of the Earth's people my extended family. This is especially true for those who support my business.

    COVID-19 has moderately effected a lot of shipping times from our suppliers in both the US and China. I am still committed to making sure my supporters to Conscious Energies purpose are 100% satisfied with my business.

    We have been selling Tech Wear since August of 2019. One of these products is a KN-95 Mask that is 95% effective of protecting against all airborne containment's. It also has that signature SciTech Syndicate futuristic vibe. I wouldn't support any product I haven't tested and own myself.  

    KN95 Tech Wear Face Mask 95% effective of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne containments
    It has been very difficult to supply these masks and get them to our customers. That's why I have a small shipment coming into the US at a competitive price to be able to deliver them quickly. 
    Some important things you should know about the masks and there effectiveness. The CDC Recommends wearing a mask in effective community environments of high traffic areas. You can find the link here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover
    • There are important thing variable to consider when wearing a mask.
    • Does your mask fit properly and tightly?
    • Do you have a healthy respiratory system that can coupe with restrictive breathing like a face mask?
    • Can you deal with a hot a sweaty face? 😅
    • The face mask is not 100% guarantee of the prevention of spreading any airborne illness.

    While I hope our future looks a lot more like Star Trek than Cyber Punk, perhaps there is a fine balance that can be reached from what we have imagined as our future.

    It is pretty incredible to think we are living in a time that has cyber warfare, A.I. driven algorithms that influence the attention of people, digital money, corporate propaganda that drives economic stability, virtual and  augmented reality, quantum computing, private space exploration, and fusion technology seemingly just on the horizon. 

    With COVID-19 and how it has so easily impacted our fragile socio-economic system, perhaps it is a wake up call to help progress our human evolution. Does it seem unreasonable to be able to engineer the future to have abundance for all the earths inhabitants? 

    I would love to know what you think. Please leave me a comment or message us on any social media platform.


    With warm regards stay safe,

    Diadon (Founder of Conscious Energies LLC)