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Posted on Oct 16 , 2018


Diadon Acs

Sci-Tech Writing Content

By Diadon Acs

 Writing Science and Technology blogs can be quite a challenge. A lot of research, fact-checking, and quality assurance is important in any scientific endeavor. Even more challenging sometimes is putting scholarly articles into terms that are easily digestible. Let's face it, most scholarly articles under peer review lack a certain je ne sais quoi.

 I am going to do my best to spice the science and technology community up a bit.  Asking difficult questions that science was designed to ask and only nature is able to answer through experimentation. I have a series of articles I am working on and an Introduction to Arduino E-Book. Our re-launch has been a success and now we need more content. I am working on sourcing some great science and engineering gear directly from suppliers. I have also created original designs and have some geek gear in the mix as well.  


  The joys and jams of writing blogs

 While having two kids, a beautiful wife, a full-time job, scientific experiments to tame my curiosity and establishing a marketing company may seem like enough on a person's plate.  Its a wonder I am able to write any content at all. I don't watch T.V. or play video games anymore as I enjoy real life way too much. I have spent the last  2 years learning how to build a website like this. I do have some experience in basic code languages like Python, Java, C+, and some Mark Up languages.  I would not consider myself a coder by any means, but I know enough copy paste to get by😉

I prefer to spend my free time with my family or learning more about science, technology, physics, and engineering (applied science). So researching for blog content is extremely fun. The purpose of SciTech Syndicate is to help DIY experimenters, like myself, get the knowledge and funds they need. Enough about me, this website is for the community! Its also to start an E-commerce business that primarily sells designs that help educate people around the world.


5% Of all the profits go towards a Hydrogen Fusion project I have been experimenting with for 5 years now (Reference Date 10/13/2018) I do not have the funds to get the proper equipment and sensors to prove a hypothesis I have on the formation and propagation of stars in the universe. Here is a small example of an old experiment I have done (Hydrodynamic Star in a Jar). I have advanced the experiments even further generating energy from hydrogen at an even greater efficiency. It is my goal to share this knowledge in open source fashion after I assure its effects are well documented. I don't want to make claims on something without trying to prove it incorrect to the best of my abilities. Nor would I feel comfortable sharing something that might potentially cause harm to others via unhealthy radiation. 

Once I do an extremely thorough vetting ,then I will gladly share it too 3rd parties openly to encourage others to find any mistakes I have made.  I do some drop-shipping from Aliexpress/Alibaba . Though, I prefer to make my own products and designs. At the moment this is not possible as my capital expenses are on a very tight budget.


Joining the Syndicate

We are facing a large problem as human beings. A problem that involves some serious engineering know-how and resources to solve. As a species, we have chosen to deface our landscape for the sake of industrial profits. Short-sighted visions of personal gain have wrecked havoc on our environment and the earth is in need of some serious help. This sounds like something out of a science-fiction novel, but often times science-fiction becomes science fact. The difficult question is how do we solve these problems? 


When you join the SciTech Syndicate you are apart of a community of educators and creators. People who share the same visions of engineered sustainability. They is a large group of people who want to make the joys of life more achievable. As well as create an abundance of basic human necessities for all the earths people.. This is no easy task to perform and will take a lot of passionate people to achieve. Usually, the hardest actions to do in life are the actions that are the most rewarding.              


So what is this Syndicate Brand?

Growing up in the 80's and 90's, many of us where exposed to a Cyber Punk genre. From Anime films like Akira, Dystopian futures like Blade Runner, Apocalyptic AI scenarios like Terminator, or who could forget cult classics like Strange Days ..... ok maybe a lot of people can forget that one. I have always loved this novelty of geek fantasy and the many tropes it has bestowed upon our imaginations. Unfortunately, many of these sci-fi fantasies have a lot of potential to become a reality.


  I think its healthy for us to keep these possible outcomes of the future in mind, but work towards an ethos that is much healthier for the survival of all the creatures of this planet. Perhaps we can be rebellious enough to do it with engineering and applying science to our greatest problems? 

Would you like to help?

There are a lot of ways to help the Sci-Tech community. The best way is to simply interact and engage with the community. I am going to start building a discord chat. This will allow many experiments, makers and science enthusiasts to be able to get help with there project ideas. I am also looking to build an epic for Facebook Messenger or integrate the bot onto discord? These are just a few  projects I am looking at to make the SciTech experience like no other. These things can move along a lot quicker if anybody is willing to volunteer there time and would like to partner with me.  I have invested a lot of time and money into this website and I will not give up in making this vision a reality. 

For my children and all the innocent ones on this planet, I will work efficiently and tirelessly to ensure our future looks more like Star Trek than Blade Runner. 


  If you are interested in helping in any way please feel free to contact me

P.S. Did you catch the easter egg I made on the graphic? As you can see I am a rookie content "writting." 

Check out some of our SciTech Designs!



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