Pulse Motor Build Off 2018

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  There is a growing number of makers, DIY experimenters, and garage scientists that are pushing the boundaries of Science and Technology. These SciTech Engineers have a revolutionary ability to rapidly prototype using 3D printers and recycled materials. Many of these Makers and Hackers know the importance of openly sharing knowledge. The Open Source community helps inspire future generations as well as share ideas to create new technologies.

It is said that two heads are better than one. How about hundreds or thousands of heads working for the same goal of technological innovations? That most certainly would be better than one.

What is the Pulse Motor Build-Off?

The pulse motor build-off is a way to encourage innovation and inspire the maker community to build a more efficient motor design with a competitive spirit. The idea was created by a group of Youtube experimenters rwg42985  and TinManPower in 2012 to create a pulsed energy system by means of electrical, thermal, hydro, kinetic or other that was as efficient and creative as humanly possible. You can follow this link open-source-energy.org to see the past competitions. 

The Pulse Motor Build Off has been a collection of outside the box thinkers and tinkers. From dedicated engineers to corporate cubical jockeys, the pulse motor build invites everyone to participate in an open scientific experiment to create efficient energy pulsed systems.                                                                                                                                           Open Source Community

 What is a Pulsed Motor System

   A pulsed energy motor uses measurable frequencies or duty cycles of energy to run a mechanical engine to do work. The work can be as simple as a rotating flywheel or piston oscillation, or as challenging as sustained flight.

 Above is an example of a Pulse Motor System from RWG Research Russ build this Pulse Motor in for the 2012 PMBO (Pulse Motor Build Off)

   The original idea of the PMBO was to test the many ideas of "Free Energy Devices"  that circulate on the internet, in order to confirm they do or do not work as stated by the inventors. Devices like the Bedini Motor which has proven to be efficient at battery balancing with some usable electromotive force, but certainly not a proven perpetual motor by any accounts.

 While the concept of a perpetual motion device causes a lot of criticism in most "scientific professionals", it is important to remember to keep an open mind as a scientist.  

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size". 

-Albert Einstein

College Castle

When Funding Fails

  The true answers to important scientific questions only nature can deliver us.  If we never ask the questions through experimentation we would not be this far along in science and technology. Colleges and Corporations both rely on funding for there experiments that will hopefully be self-preserving in future funds. If the hypothesis they purpose doesn't work, the idea of failure means they will lose funding in there experiment and then become ostracized in the process.

Why this topic touches more on our social science of socio-economics, I think it is important to bring up this point. Through failure, we learn to have the formula of success. Science should be treated no different in its progress. An institutions admittance to failure should not result in revoking a professors tenure or denouncing a scientists credibility. 


   Education is important in all walks of life and by no means am I implying that college is a waste of time. I am just sharing a point of view on why competition like the pulse motor build off can be so rewarding to open source experimenters.  

To sum it all up!

The Pulse Motor Build Off is a way for people to come together and share ideas of efficient, creative, and unique motor designs. Its a practice in the art of engineering. The competition ends 12/31/2018 New Years Eve for the western world. There is a grand prize of $100 Dollars in Bitcoin as well as 3016 OHMC to the person voted 1st Place. This prize was offered by the Lead Project Developer of Ohmcoin . He offered this prize as it aligns with OHMC (Ohmcoins) core values to encourage Kindness, Creation, and Innovation using Blockchain Technology.

For More on Ohmcoin Click the Link Below

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The 2nd place Prize of $50 dollars of in-store credit to anything on the SciTech Syndicate Website. I encourage you to participate and challenge yourself to build or do something that has never been done. The 3rd Place Prize is $30 worth of Bitcoin sponsored by Ohmcoin as well.

Good luck and have fun to all that enter.

For more information visit http://rwgresearch.com/events/2018-pmbo/ and to enter visit http://open-source-energy.org/?topic=3335.msg51341#new



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