New quantum memory stores information for Hours

New quantum memory stores information for Hours

Posted on Mar 04 , 2019


Diadon Acs

Storing information in a quantum memory system is a difficult challenge, as the data is usually quickly lost. At TU Wien, Austria, ultra-long storage times have now been achieved using tiny diamonds.

Article Source SciTech Europa

By storing information in a quantum memory system with quantum particles, information can be stored and manipulated – this is the basis of many very promising technologies, such as extremely sensitive quantum sensors, quantum communication or even quantum computers.

However, there is a significant problem, it is difficult to store information in a quantum physical system for a long period of time. The quantum information tends to dissipate within fractions of a second due to interactions with the environment.

Results from the research at TU Wien published in the journal Nature Materials suggest it has now been possible to store information for hours at a time using special diamonds. This makes quantum information even more stable than the conventional information stored in the working memory of computers.


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