How to record Experimental Data without Expensive Equipment and Software

How to record Experimental Data without Expensive Equipment and Software

Posted on Jul 19 , 2019


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In this short article, we will go over a very cheap and easy way to record your micro-controller (Raspberry PI or Arduino) sensor data. By cheap, we mean 100% Free thanks to Farrel or upgrdman on YouTube. You will, of course, have to acquire the hardware needed. 


Mathematics Formulas

Affordable Telemetry and Data Aquisition Software

Farrell has been working on this Java-based software for a few years. In open-source fashion, he has made it available for all. It can be quite expensive to use a Lab Jack and LabView software, so this is a great resource for those home experimenters.

For many home experimenters and engineers, Hardware and Software can be very expensive. It can be a challenge to get real-time Data Aquisition.... .. until now!


 The video below is the latest version of his Telemetry Viewer or (DAQ) Data Aquisition Software.

 If this is something that interests you and you would like to download and learn more about this software.

Visit his website at  FarrellF

 You can also download the latest files here: 


As a home experimentalist on a budget using micro-controllers, this software has been a huge help! I hope it also helps you with your journeys in engineering, science, and experimentation. 

We appreciate any feedback you have and if you know someone who this would interest, please feel free to share. Sharing helps us all Engineer our Future

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