Best Arduino Projects of 2019

This is a compilation of the best Arduino Projects of 2019

We have compiled some of the top links and projects for Arduino in 2019 to help you on your maker journey. At SciTech Syndicate we encourage everyone to engineer the future by making there vision a reality.


What is an Arduino?

In a nutshell, an Arduino is an open hardware development board that can be used by tinkerers, hobbyists, and makers to design and build devices that interact with the real world. While Arduino refers to a specific type of board design, it can also be used to refer to a company which manufactures a specific implementation of these boards and is typically also used to describe the community around compatible boards made by other people or companies which function in a similar way.

For more on the basics, watch this quick video below.

What makes up an Arduino?

Arduinos contain a number of different parts and interfaces together on a single circuit board. The design has changed through the years, and some variations include other parts as well. But on a basic board, you’re likely to find the following pieces:

  • A number of pins, which are used to connect with various components you might want to use with the Arduino. These pins come in two varieties:

    • Digital pins, which can read and write a single state, on or off. Most Arduinos have 14 digital I/O pins.

    • Analog pins, which can read a range of values, and are useful for more fine-grained control. Most Arduinos have six of these analog pins.

    These pins are arranged in a specific pattern, so that if you buy an add-on board designed to fit into them, typically called a “shield,” it should fit into most Arduino-compatible devices easily.

  • A power connector, which provides power to both the device itself, and provides a low voltage which can power connected components like LEDs and various sensors, provided their power needs are reasonably low. The power connector can connect to either an AC adapter or a small battery.

  • A microcontroller, the primary chip, which allows you to program the Arduino in order for it to be able to execute commands and make decisions based on various input. The exact chip varies depending on what type of Arduino you buy, but they are generally Atmel controllers, usually

    , ATmega168, ATmega328, ATmega1280, or ATmega2560. The differences between these chips are subtle, but the biggest difference a beginner will notice is the different amounts of onboard memory.

  • A serial connector, which on most newer boards is implemented through a standard USB port. This connector allows you to communicate to the board from your computer, as well as load new programs onto the device.

  • Often times Arduino can also be powered through the USB port, removing the need for a separate power connection.

  • A variety of other small components, like an oscillator and/or a voltage regulator, which provide important capabilities to the board, although you typically don’t interact with these directly; just know that they are there.

How do I program an Arduino?

Most Arduino enthusiasts, especially when they are starting out, will choose to use the officially integrated development environment (IDE) for the Arduino. The Arduino IDE is open source software which is written in Java and will work on a variety of platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. The IDE enables you to write code in a special environment with syntax highlighting and other features which will make coding easier, and then easily load your code onto the device with a simple click of a button.

The code for Arduino is generally written in Wiring, which is based on the Processing programming language. For more on getting started with Arduino programming, visit the official documentation.


A screenshot of the Arduino integrated development environment.


Arduino 37 in 1 Sensor Modules

Electro Makers Top 10

The Arduino is a programmable circuit board or microcontroller. It's open-source and may be used for a variety of neat maker projects. Notably, it differs from single-board computers (SBCs) such as the Raspberry Pi in that the Arduino focuses on interfacing with software which interacts with the physical board. As such, Arduino projects are more maker-oriented, whereas SBC projects range from basic Linux desktops and retro gaming machines to advanced robotics. Nevertheless, there are loads of Arduino projects which you can make. Check out the 10 amazing Arduino projects!

Here is a link to the Top 10 Arduino projects of 2018 by Electro Maker 

 Be forewarned, there are a lot of Star Wars projects in the mix.... .. 


Life Hacker Top 10

The Arduino is a cheap electronics board that allows you to make your own electronics without a ton of coding experience. We love the Arduino, but like any electronics project, coming up with ideas for what to build is tough. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration or just need a place to start, let’s take a look at ten of the coolest Arduino projects.

Here is a link to the top 10 Arduino projects of 2018 by Life Hacker


eTechnophiles Top 10

This list contains details of the top 10 most popular Arduino projects till now. Projects in this list are selected very carefully by keeping in mind each and every aspect. Please keep in mind that the projects in this list are selected mainly on the basis of creativity and application And not merely on the basis of complexity involved. So when you go through these projects, don’t judge on the basis of difficulty only. These projects will give you a good idea of Arduino’s never-ending applications. Link to each project is given below the respective project’s summary.

Read these projects to unleash that creative engineer within you!

Here is a link to the top Arduino 10 projects of 2018 by eTechnophiles


 Digital Trends top 12

Arduino has an enormous fanbase around the world and is frequently used for classes, hobbies, computer tinkering, and projects from hopeful inventors. Sure, it may not be quite as user-friendly as rivals like the Raspberry Pi, but this programmable logic controller is even more customizable than the former. To celebrate its long-term success, we’ve collected 12 of the coolest, most revolutionary, and most entertaining Arduino projects currently in existence. Prepare to be wowed — and then inspired to engineer the future.

Here is a link to the top Arduino 10 projects of 2018 by Digital Trends


Instructables Arduino Projects

This is probably the number one resource for Arduino projects on the interwebs at the moment. It's a great place to find inspiring ideas and unique concepts to engineering something amazing! 

Here is a link to a ton of Arduino projects of 2018 by Instructables 

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