International Conference of Cold Fusion 22

This is a collection of Cold Fusion presentations from the ICCF (International Conference of Cold Fusion) 22 that took place September 8th-13th in Assisi, Italy.

The presentations where compiled by the MFMP (Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project) and International Conference on Condensed Matter and Nuclear Science

You can see the complete program here: Program of ICCF 22

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ICCF22 Program updated Sep 4 2019

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Poster Papers
1 ICCF22 Conference Notice Board
2 Hagelstein HD/He-3 phonon-nuclear coupling matrix element p30
3 Carat Fiery Science of Cold Fusion comic book p46
4 Kovacs Maxwell-Dirac Theory and Occam�s Razor: Unified Field, Elementary Particles, and Nuclear Interactions p49
5 Tarasenko; Planet Earth - cold fusion reactor p56
6 Narita Investigating Thermal Behavior of Pd Foil Coated with Metal Membrane in Deuterium Diffusion p57
7 Bowen An Examination of the Updated Empirical Data in Support of the Shell Model p64
8 Greenyer Leveraging observations of patterns in transmutation data from multiple experiments and nature to drive the development of a predictive tool p16
9 Greenyer LENR as Appearance of Weak Interactions p76
10 Szumski The Least Action Nuclear Process [LANP] Computer Model of Cold Fusion p18
11 Szumski Initial Simulations Using The Least Action Nuclear Process [LANP] Computer Model for Electrode Design p17
12 Garai Speculation on the size of the electron p44
13 Kaal Nuclear Transmutation and Mass Defect explained with the Structured Atom Model (SAM) p62
14 Hatt Cold Nuclear Transmutations Light Atomic Nuclei Binding Energy p55
15 Hatt Cold nuclear transmutations, Example of Fe 26 isotopes p79
16 Hatt Cold Nuclear Transmutations Theoretical basis for the calculation of binding energy p78
17 Wyttenbach SO(4) Physics and LENR p63
18 Miles Thermodynamic Basis For The Power Term For Work in Electrochemical Calorimetry p36
19 Miles The Thermoneutral Potential In Electrochemical Calorimetry For The Pd/D2O System p37
20 VysotskiiV New (pre-industrial) stage of applied research on isotope transmutation in biosystems p72
21 Uchikoshi Laser Condensed-Matter Fusion Experiments p35
22 Nagel Review of Seebeck Calorimeters Used in LENR Experiments p29
23 Albertini Beyond Hydrogen Loading p85
24 Fojt Secrets of E-cat
25 Meulenberg Deep-level atomic orbitals and more p27
26 Varaprasad Experiments to observe Excess Heat in Ni-LAH,Ni-H2, Pd-D2 systems p61

Below you will find  a YouTube Play list of the complete Conference.

Nuclear Transmutation with Carbon and Oxyhydrogen Plasma - Slobodan Stankovic

Condensed Plasmoids - Lutz Jaitner

Increased Excess Heat from Palladium Deposited on Nickel - J. Rothwell & T. Mizuno

The intersection of energy, economics and environment - Steve Bannister

Parkhomov 225 Day reactor - Bob Greenyer

Celani - Progress in Anomalous Heat Effects using Constantan and D2

Swartz - Atomic D producing 327.37MHz RF Maser

Bin-Juine Huang - XS Energy from Vapor Compression System

The Zitterbewegung Orbit of Electrons

McKubre - 30 Years on

Konagaya 01 - Super multi-jet FUSINE reactor

Konagaya 02 - Super computer simulation of FUSINE reactor

Our goal with SciTech Syndicate is to educate and create this technology further with your support. With the cooperation of the international community we will find out from nature if supposed "cold fusion" is a viable option for a clean energy solution. The best way to test it is to create open source power centers that can heat your homes water and supply decentralized energy. 

If you have any questions or comments they are appreciated. Please feel free to raise questions and share these information with the scientific community.

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